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Blind Dating:

The idea for this site came to us, like many ideas, at a Sunday Bloody Mary brunch. At the time, everyone at the table was single and we were sharing our latest dating stories. The blind date stories, whether from a dating website or friend’s set-up, seemed to be the most comical. We started writing down things that happened and through this site, we will share some of these stories. There have been many good and bad blind dates, the ones that did not work out seem to be the best stories.

To say we’ve had a few blind dates over the years is like saying the Pope says a prayer every now and then. We don’t know why we agree to them except that, every so often we hear a great story about a couple that met on a blind date.

A good friend’s father always said, “it just takes one guy/girl”.

We go on these dates for a few reasons. It’s very flattering to have someone think you are good enough to date his/her friend. We also have a little bit of optimism in us, and think, “why not?” There have been many “why nots”.

This intention of this site is to encourage you to share your blind date story. This site is not a forum to be mean spirited or cruel.

Please note all names and cities will be changed to protect the privacy of all. The idea for this blog came from one of my many blind dates.